• "High protein ready meals that fit perfectly in a fast-paced life, and are easy to pick up"

    Sounds like a dream? Not anymore...

    We make healthy on-the-go meals that are high in protein, all natural, clean, creative & tasty, and transparent in nutritional values.

    This will keep you fuller for longer, help you gain muscle or control your weight and ensure you that your meals fit your lifestyle. All this without the use of powders, without being hungry, and without boring meals such as chicken & rice.

    From now on, ProToGo is the only way to go.

  • Menu

    Our lunch, dinner, breakfast, snack and shake range with all the nutritional values

    HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: Chicken butternut masala

    Not your greasy tikka masala! Creamy masala sauce with chicken breast pieces, butternut squash and chickpeas served with black rice.

    Kcal: 516
    Proteins: 37
    Carbs (sugars): 73 (17)

    Fat (sat.) : 4.4 (0.5)
    Fibre: 5.7

    HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: vegetarian masala (GF,VG)

    Not your greasy tikka masala! Creamy masala sauce with butternut squash and chickpeas served with black rice.

    Kcal: 47
    Proteins: 27
    Carbs (sugars): 75 (17)

    Fat (sat.) : 3.2(0.5)
    Fibre: 7.2

    Falafel & red pepper houmous wrap (VG, Vegan)

    A high protein wrap with baked falafels and red pepper houmous

    Kcal: 458
    Proteins: 21.5
    Carbs (sugars): 64 (4.7)

    Fat (sat.) : 10.7 (2.2)
    Fibre: 11.5

    Chicken nuggets &mushy peas (GF)

    Hempseed oven crusted chicken nuggets with creamy mushy peas and broccoli bean salad

    Kcal: 446.7
    Proteins: 42.4
    Carbs (sugars): 14.7 (2.2)

    Fat (sat.) : 23.1 (3.5)
    Fibre: 10

    Chicken salad
    (GF, Paleo)

    Tender chicken pieces with crispy mangetout, green asparagus, Romano pepper and Greek yog dressing

    Kcal: 326
    Proteins: 40.5
    Carbs (sugars):17.2 (8.4)
    Fat (sat.):11.2 (1.8)

    Fibre: 8.3

    Chili con Carne (GF) 

    5% beef mince in an smooth but spicy chili. Served with blue corn crisps

    Kcal: 315
    Proteins: 32.7
    Carbs (sugars): 26.2 (10.4)

    Fat (sat.) : 13.2 (2.6)
    Fibre: 6.4
    Add tortillas: +143Kcal & +6g proteins!

    Kale Mac 'n Cheese
    (VG) + add ham

    Chickpea pasta with a cheesy quark and kale-sauce served with broccoli and ham (optional)

    Kcal: 385
    Proteins: 42.8
    Carbs (sugars): 18.9 (5.2)

    Fat (sat.) : 14.7 (4.2)
    Fibre: 7.2
    Add ham: +68Kcal & +9g proteins!

    Salmon & broccoli mash (GF, VG)

    Salmon with high-protein broccoli, cauliflower &celeriac mash and sweet roasted tomatoes

    Kcal: 391.8
    Proteins: 36.8
    Carbs (sugars): 17.9 (8.8)

    Fat (sat.) : 20.8 (4.3)
    Fibre: 7

    Egg Salad Bagel (VG)

    High protein bagel (half the carbs of regular bagel) with creamy low fat egg salad

    Kcal: 468
    Proteins: 37.9
    Carbs (sugars): 31.9 (7)

    Fat (sat.) : 19.2 (5)
    Fibre: 8

    Frittatart & Coleslaw (GF, VG)

    Spinach, mushroom and chickpea frittatart with crunchy and creamy coleslaw

    Kcal: 235.6
    Proteins: 21.6
    Carbs (sugars): 12.6 (1.1)

    Fat (sat.) : 5.8 (1.3)
    Fibre: 5.3

    Pasta Verde

    Mung bean pasta in a creamy spinach sauce with charred tomatoes and roasted hazelnuts

    Kcal: 345
    Proteins: 38.4
    Carbs (sugars): 41 (14.4)

    Fat (sat.) : 5 (1.2)
    Fibre: 19.5

    Boiled egg Breakie

    Boiled eggs, marrowfat peas, fresh spinach and creamy greek yoghurt sauce

    Kcal: 129
    Proteins: 15.5
    Carbs (sugars): 1.9 (1.2)

    Fat (sat.) : 8.4 (2.4)
    Fibre: 0.3


    Cheesecake made with quark, low fat soft cheese and a hint of lime

    Kcal: 178
    Proteins: 18.3
    Carbs (sugars): 16.6 (9.9)

    Fat (sat.) : 3.9 (2.7)
    Fibre: 0.5

    Choco Greek yoghurt (VG, GF)

    Greek yoghurt, brown rice THAT-protein cacao powder and red berries

    Kcal: 159
    Proteins: 20.0
    Carbs (sugars): 15 (11.9)

    Fat (sat.) : 1.2 (0.8)
    Fibre: 1.2

    Choco PB Zoats (VG, Vegan)

    Creamy zoats with THAT-protein cacao powder and Pic's peanut butter

    Kcal: 190
    Proteins: 11.0
    Carbs (sugars): 15.6 (0.9)

    Fat (sat.) : 8 (1)
    Fibre: 3.4

    Cottage rice pudding (VG, GF)

    Sweet, creamy cottage cheese with vanilla, cinnamon and Pic's peanut butter

    Kcal: 236.5
    Proteins: 30.8
    Carbs (sugars): 7.6 (7.1)

    Fat (sat.) : 11.7 (3.9)
    Fibre: 1.4

    Trailmix (VG, GF, Vegan)

    Roasted and spiced chickpeas, edamame beans and cashews

    Kcal: 233
    Proteins: 19.2
    Carbs (sugars): 21.9 (1)

    Fat (sat.) : 9.2 (1)
    Fibre: 9.7

    Choco PB shake (VG, GF, Vegan)

    Chocolate THAT-protein, Pic's peanut butter, banana and avocado shake

    Kcal: 255
    Proteins: 10.6
    Carbs (sugars): 25.2 (19)

    Fat (sat.) : 12.4 (3)
    Fibre: 7.2

    Berry & banana shake (VG, GF, Vegan)

    Berry, banana and beetroot shake with chia&sunflower THAT-protein

    Kcal: 234
    Proteins: 10.6
    Carbs (sugars): 34.1 (32)

    Fat (sat.) : 9.2 (1)
    Fibre: 8.2

    Green shake (VG, GF, Vegan)

    Kiwi, avocado, mint and pear shake with chia&sunflower THAT-protein

    Kcal: 287
    Proteins: 10.1
    Carbs (sugars): 39.2 (30)

    Fat (sat.) : 11.6(1)
    Fibre: 7.6

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  • About Us

    Valérie is on a mission to revamp the way we eat on the go. ProToGo was founded in April 2016 with the mission to make healthy, high protein food accessible to everyone.

    As a former model and economics graduate, Valérie had to divide her time between her hometown of Antwerp, in Belgium, Paris, Milan, Berlin, and London for modelling work. Bored of unsatisfying salads and fed up of filling up on unhealthy snacks, Valérie started to ponder how she could create something filling and energising without having 800 calories in one meal.


    After doing some research, Valérie realised that protein was the key. It’s the protein in meals that keeps you full up and satisfied for longer. But ProToGo isn’t about just eating a grilled chicken breast and a handful of greens. It’s about taking dishes that are perceived as being on the unhealthy spectrum of food, and making them healthier. By doing that, Valérie tries to make the step towards healthy eating easier.

    Valérie designed a lot of her meals with non-meat eaters in mind too, as a lot of vegetarians and vegans struggle to find enough high-protein, on the go meals on the market.


    But going back to the where the idea for ProToGo came from, from Valérie’s modelling days, she wants to also dispel the myth that staying lean and fit doesn’t mean skipping meals and surviving on a diet of lettuce leaves. She actively supports The Models Movement Project- a fashion model wellness and fitness campaign, supported by modelling agencies and fashion brands. The project is dedicated to showcasing healthy models, and the ways in which they work out and maintain a healthy weight.


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