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Fitness-Failing before you start

‘FITNESS’ the word itself is enough to put many people off the idea altogether. However, the UK is facing an epidemic with obesity sweeping the nation. Recent studies have shown that 64% of the population are now classed as overweight or obese. Processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle are gigantic factors. However, ultimately it comes down to poor health choices. So who’s to blame? WE ARE! Yes, there might be a McDonald’s within 5 minutes of you, no matter where you are on the planet. But that doesn’t mean you have to go in and buy the greasiest item on the menu. We are also busier than we have ever been, trying to juggling work, school, relationships…it’s exhausting! To then get home after a long day, change into your training gear and go workout, takes an enormous amount of effort, determination and discipline.

Let’s forget all the obstacles in our way, and instead let’s start looking at all the positive ways in which we can be inspired and motivated to get up, be more active and live a healthier life. The fitness industry is bigger than ever and opportunities are endless. Gyms are now widely available, affordable and accessible 24 hours a day. Maybe we should start taking all the help that’s out there, social media sites such as Instagram are full of inspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts posting daily motivation and useful tips and tricks to transform our bodies, from workout ideas to new recipes. There’s more qualified personal trainers out there too, all wanting to help you! Now I’m not saying listen to all the people who shout FITNESS! I feel another blog in the works for this topic... What I’m trying to say is, surround yourself with positive healthy people that inspire and motivate you to want to be better! One of the biggest reasons people quit is because they simply don’t achieve what they set out to. This simple exercise will help you set a SMART goal, without setting yourself up to fail.

Setting a goal

It might sound silly but so many people walk into a gym and start their fitness journey, without first thinking about what they actually want to achieve from it all. They are putting in so much hard work, without first sitting down and thinking about it. The goal you decide will massively change the way you exercise, diet and live your life. So don’t rush it!

OK, so when setting goals, you need to make them ‘SMART’. Ideally you want to set a short (3 month) and long (1 year+) goal. Try and make sure the goals meet each of the SMART criteria below.

  • Specific- For example you wouldn’t say ‘I want to get better at lifting weights’. How do you want to improve? Strength? Endurance? Power? Technique? Or maybe it’s all of them.

  • Measurable- Whatever your goal is, it has to be measurable. If you can’t track your progress week in week out, how do you know all the hard work is helping.

  • Attainable- So you have to be realistic with what you want to achieve. If you can’t run down the street without stopping, it’s probably not a great idea to sign up for a marathon next month.

  • Relevant- Your goal has to be relevant to what it is you’re actually doing. If you’re spending 2 hours a day swimming but your goal is to compete in a bodybuilding competition. You’re probably not going to achieve your goal. Make your training specific to your goal.

  • Timely- Similarly to attainable, you can’t expect miracles to happen overnight. Give yourself plenty of time to achieve your goal. Nothing good in fitness happens fast!

Last of all, don’t neglect your diet. It is such a huge part of your overall health, it would be a shame to see you grinding away in the gym, to then ruin it in the kitchen. 30% Exercise, 70% Diet!

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