For years and years, Valérie bumped into the same problem every day: the quest for a meal, high in proteins, to eat on the go. As a former model, she ran from casting to casting and had no time to spend hours looking for the right meal, nor to meal prep for an entire week. The result was that she ended up in Pret, buying a salad that didn't fill her up enough because it was too low in protein. Or, she replaced her lunch with a bar or shake, and was missing out on vitamins and minerals. While studying, she noticed that a lot of her classmates were actually struggling with the same issue. But the real eye-opener came when she started working in Central London. Her colleagues and friends, whether they were bankers, lawyers or start-uppers, they were all facing the same problem: finding nice, clean, high-protein meals that fit their fast-paced lifestyle.

Valérie took this on board and decided to quit her job. She researched, experimented and analyzed until she found the solution for this issue. And so ProToGo got founded...

One of the signature dishes is the mac 'n cheese. Valérie's philosophy is that pursuing a healthy lifestyle should not mean that you have to exclude certain dishes of your menu. Instead of excluding them, Valérie was on a mission to reinvent them. The mac 'n cheese, chili con carne and egg salad bagel are brilliant examples of this philosophy.

ProToGo in a nutshell:

-High-protein meals (yes you read it correct: meals. No bars or shakes.)
-All natural (So no use of powders)

-Fast and easy, grab-to-go
-Creative and tasty (Move on Chicken&rice, you can now hit your macro's in a more tasty way!)
-Clear and transparent nutritional information (no hidden crap)

So whether you are gaining muscle or maintaining/losing weight, ProToGo is the only way to go!

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