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GUESTBLOG: It's easier to train than you think

Josh of WeGym talks about overcoming the several workout-barriers and getting fit in a sustainable way.

Hey 👋

Summer Body Dreams over and I hope you’re still at it :)

I've teamed up with Valérie from ProToGo to talk about how living an active lifestyle is easier than you think. Staying fit and eating clean ( excluding the occasional Sainsbury's cookie 🙄 ) can be part of your lifestyle.

Your new year new me hype is probably already starting to fade, so before beating yourself up about why you're super ambitious training plan hasn't happened yet I would sit down, make some tea and enjoy these four facts.

1. Make it easy for yourself 🐢

Make it easy for yourself...

Take baby steps and celebrate once you achieve them.

Even if that's exercising once a week, after a month you'll be on an upward spiral and feel inspired to continue. The positive momentum of doing a small thing well is the goal.

We've been programmed to believe we should “ get fit ” … which suggests quick results but I believe what we actually need is to “ become fit ” which focuses on undergoing a process. The tortoise beats the hare in this game - it's not a race :)

2. Don't believe the hype 😳

You don't want overnight results.

Skipping meals and quick fix diets don't last.

Going from chubby to cut in 12 weeks isn't sustainable. What you want are results you can maintain and a lifestyle which supports you.We all want to eat well, look good and feel great - the reality is we aren't in a race and don't need overnight success to feel happy! Once you feel in control of your relationship with fitness and food you'll experience freedom.

3. Stop suffering alone ✋

Did you know - 21% of Britons would exercise more if they could do it with others.

We all have a superpower called the Köhler effect. It's triggered when performing an activity with a group - causing you to work harder than when working alone to avoid being the weakest link! This is why you need a squad :)

It’s the secret I use whether it’s getting myself to exercise and eat better when I’m craving white chocolate Sainsbury's cookies or can’t be asked to go for a run!

4. Pay the price 💰

Paying to sweat works!

A personal trainer is a fantastic way to take the struggle out of motivating yourself - especially when you have a busy schedule and barely know what you're doing from the pathway from zero to hero:)

Unfortunately, they can be pretty expensive with an average cost is £60 an hour - which is one of the reasons WeGym exists - we're making personal training accessible to everyone :)

Valerie is going to tell you how eating clean is so much easier than you think here.

Josh - Founder of WeGym

WeGym makes personal training more accessible, both financially as psychologically, by offering training sessions to two like minded people.

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