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THAT protein & ProToGo

The launch

At ProToGo you know we are extremely passionate about what we do, which is produce healthy and delicious food, while being as natural and pure as possible. That’s where we crossed paths with ‘THAT protein’, as we knew they shared a similar passion within the industry. Our aim being to create high protein breakfasts, snacks and shakes. However, we didn’t want to use the chemical processed whey protein powders everyone else was using. All ‘THAT protein’ powders are made from premium organic plant proteins, which are cold pressed and pure. This was exactly what we wanted, all we needed to do now was try the products we’d heard so much about, test them out in our recipes and after a few alterations…. we’d created some incredible new products! Healthy, delicious and packed full of premium, organic plant based proteins! We are tremendously excited about launching our new products very soon, with the continued help and support of ‘that protein’. Below is a sneak peak of one of the many item which we will soon be launching at our Old Street pop-up on the 22nd of August!

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